A Living Crisis!

This matter has been traumatizing to me as a parent; however I think as a single mother culturally related, I understand all to well the fight that we have to endure in our community & at a nationwide level. I decided to take my energy from all these interruptions & help someone else or another family have access to answers dealing with their youth in the home & being a single parent. All to often, we have been ignored & our cries unheard. We remain strong & humble like our ancestors, because we have been taught to respond this way in such an action. But, this new action is a stand that will last a lifetime from all the years of trauma & degrading effects on us & many of our culturally related individuals. Many mothers do not know what to do & our youth get so confused from what appears to be powerless rants for action. This time around we hope to join hands with many to provide answers to these & many other matters of our community! This is only the beginning of the end of issues as we look forward to posting more commentary about our community & those affected. What would have been your action after a long battle of in & out the Court, being turned down by attorney after attorney & the Court system denying your rights to suit? Speak on it & give us your thoughts!

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