Black Parents?!

Who are we in America? America! America! America! Are we the thunder that roars in the sky when the rain clouds of life has filled our sky? Who are we Black Parents? When there is no one left in the flood of life....Who are we black parents?

Sometimes, we need just a push from the edge to help us get back to our roots of culture & life. Today, I decided simply to write. After a very long night, no sleep, running on emp-ty, I needed an uplift in my goal! Sometimes, taking a break to just write w/o thought can save the day!

How many times a day are we journaling & how easy it is it for us as Black Parents; to get so tangled in life's challenges? That often, that we forget to write? Well, let me tell ya! Writing a book is very rewarding & therapeutic to the soul, but challenging also I must say!

We must began to give ourselves a pat on da ole back! Said all this too say, shifting my brilliance & completing this book has been a journey! Almost there folks! Shout out to Alex Okoroji for the push on the edge! I thought I was done, but I wasn't completely naked! Time is a factor as to who we are & the personal development of self!

Keep pushing black parents & be pushed black parents right on in too

your greatness!

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