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Our Prison Project 2019-2020 copyright is a mentor program that helps young men of all ages receive the mentorship they deserve  from repeated drug offenses & not limited. We look to support as many non violent felons as possible in our program through a cultural lens & reflection.  Our program is unique & unlike any other program out there to help many who may not have someone to support their progress or including parent or close family member who suffers from a life threatening  illness.  Thus, they lack the opportunity for total  support. Sometimes, close family members have passed away too soon without warning & there is no support left; so, we want to be able to help someone in transitioning!  For more information on how our program works, upload your information via our contact form & schedule a time on our calendar. We look forward to speaking with you & if you know someone who may be in need of mentorship services send them to our member's page to fill out our online form & lets see if we can connect the dots today! We accept in-Kind contributions from anyone who'd like to support our prison project 2019!  All in-Kind contributions must be made out to Arlenda's Connect the Dots of Texas-TOWA,LLC (Prison Project 2019) this will help us continue our mission & create many more opportunities for those incarcerated! Toda Raba!
If   you would like to join our   prison project 2019   & become a mentor   to victims   in the system  upload    your information   on our contact page for further details;  &   if you or someone   you know   is seeking mentorship   while incarcerated please send them to our member's page in order to complete our online form. You  must  provide your membership  ID or your form is invalid!  Please follow all instructions &   if you are already a member just click on   the transition    until you see  prison project form!    This project is created  for so many of our young men who have been constitutionally   violated &   as   a reflection   dedicated   to   our   Free   Benjamin   Collier   Isaiah   42:7   project!